Astronomical Observatory Gives 'Open Nights' Series

Bond Astronomy Club Sponsors Seven Public Lectures

Under the auspices of the Bond Astronomical Club a series of "open nights" will be held at the Observatory on Concord Avenue, Cambridge, May 10-17.

Beginning at 7:30 o'clock, the program to be offered will consist of short non-technical talks which will be followed, weather permitting, by telescopic observations of celestial phenomena. Also, to add to the general interest of the evenings, exhibits showing the work the Observatory has done recently will be explained by members of the staff.

The first lecture, on May 10, will be given by Bart J. Bok, assistant professor of Astronomy. His subject will be, "The Distances of the Stars and Nebulae." Tickets for these open nights must be obtained in advance by sending self-addressed stamped envelopes to the Observatory, stating for which night tickets are desired. There is no admission charge, and applicants will be given tickets for one night only.

Miss Edith Jones will speak on, "Of What Are Stars Made?" on Wednesday, May 12, while the title of the following talk is "Measuring the Heat of the Stars."