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Dudley Talbot has replaced Bob Wolcott at number three position in the Varsity crew, Tom Bolles announced yesterday afternoon as he gave out tentative seatings for the Yale races at New London.

The crews go to Red Top tomorrow and they will row there in the afternoon, and from then on twice daily until the races. The combination crews will race Thursday afternoon, June 24, while the other three will face the Elis on the next day.

The complete seatings:

VARSITY: James F. Chace '38, stroke; J. Paul Austin '37, No. 7; Douglas Erickson, No. 6; John H. Gardiner '38, No. 5; John R. Clark '38, No. 4; Dudley Talbot '39, No. 3; roger W. Cutler, Jr. '37, No. 2; William C. Haskins '37, bow; Edward H. Bennett, Jr. '37, cox.

JUNIOR VARSITY: William S. Rowe, II '39, stroke; William N. Dearborn '38, No. 7; Reginald D. Kernan '37, No. 6; Robert B. Watson '37, No. 5; Thomas H. Choate '37, No. 4; Robert S. Wolcott '37, No. 3; Richard C. Ninde '39, No. 2; Peter T. Brooks '38, bow; Edward T. White '38, cox.

FRESHMAN: Henry A. Curwen, stroke; Robinson Stevens, No. 7; Walter N. Kernan, No. 6; Phillips Hallowell, No. 5; John R. Richards, No. 4; John J. Rowe, Jr., No. 3; Harry W. Wood, No. 2; H. Gaylord Dillingham, bow; Geroge H. Shortlidge, cox.

COMBINATION: Alexander B. Comstock, Jr. '40, stroke; James L. Tyson '39, No. 7; Phillip Dean '39, No. 6; John L. Senior, Jr. '38, No. 5; R. Peters Burr '40, No. 4; David Seull '39, No. 3; Chandler Hovey, Jr. '39, No. 2; David Stiles '40, bow; Alvan B. Fox '39, cox

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