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Last January it was announced that Phillips Brooks House was considering the appointment of a personnel officer, to cope with some of the problems presented by mal-adjusted students. In May the appointment of Shafer Williams '32, a graduate divinity student was announced, and in order better to acquaint students, new and old with the work of this office, the CRIMSON publishes the following article, gathered from official sources in Phillips Brooks House.

Reinhardt is a perfectly familiar name around Harvard and the story behind that traditional name is soon known to every Harvard man. Reinhardt was apparently a misfit socially, even though he was a plugger academically. Harvard, and with it, Brooks House, has changed since Reinhardt's day and has become more interested in the individual student's problem and how he adjusts himself to the Harvard scene.

The Dean's Office, the Hygiene Department, the tutorial and proctorial system, and the cohort of Freshman Advisers attest the fact that there is adequate provision made to look after the physical and the intellectual sides of the student's life. Notwithstanding all those provisions, there are students who have difficulties which are not very clear cut and need more attention than many of these officers can give. Brooks House, with the consent of the Dean's Office, has seen fit to create a position which will provide a person who is thoroughly familiar with the University, its officers and aims, who will have the extra "time" to devote to students' problems which other departments and officers lack.

The Associate Graduate Secretary will have his office in Brooks House and will be available for discussion of non-academic problems during the daytime. He claims neither omniscience, nor infallibility, but he hopes he will be able to offer suggestions to students who may find themselves puzzled about matters pertaining to personal relations, or in that type of situation best described as a "jam.

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