Crimson Is Given Edge In Season's Tough Opening Game With Brown Eleven Today

Both Outfits in Top Shape and Ready for Opponent; Bruin Coach's Son to Play

Harvard will open its fourth season under the tutelage of Dick Harlow at 2:30 this afternoon when Captain Bob Green will lead his team onto the field against the Brown Bears from Providence, toughest opener the Crimson has negotiated in many a year. The game will mark the close of a series of Brown-Harvard engagements, since the Bruins are not expected to see action against Harvard for at least five years.

Coach Tuss McLaughry brought his squad to Cambridge by bus this morning, and he brought one of his best aggregations since the famous "iron-man" Bruins of way back in 1926. Last year the Harlowmen romped over the Providencemen by a score of 34-7.

Watch Son Go For Dad

Although there are only eleven backfield men on the whole Brown squad, it is in this department that the enemy rates strongest. McLaughry has had some good backs in his twelve-year regime, but not by any means the worst of them is his own son who will this afternoon go out and call the plays for dad.

Triple-threat Atwell is slated to do THE LINEUPS HARVARD  BROWN Green, l.e.  (165)  Prodgers, l.e.  (168) Healey, l.t.  (197)  Larkowich, l.t.  (197) Mellen, l.g.  (175)  Manrodt, l.g.  (188) Russell, c.  (192)  Carey, c.  (180) Glueck, r.g.  (180)  Mawhinney, r.g.  (182) Booth, r.t.  (194)  McNeil  (203) Daughters, r.e.  (181)  Finkelstein, r.e.  (187) Wilson, q.b.  (185)  McLaughry, q.b.  (197) Cohen, f.b.  (185)  Hall, f.b.  (190) Harding, l.h.b.  (165)  Atwell, l.h.b.  (179) Macdonald, r.h.b.  (175)  O'Leary, r.h.b.  (170)

most of the kicking, and, if his quick kicks go as well as they have in practice, he should be able to throw the Harlowmen back on their heels more than once.


Harlowmen In Top Shape

The Crimson team goes into the game with every man on the Varsity "red-shirt" squad in top shape, and Harlow has declared that he will dress several "white-shirts" also. Among the "whites" who stand good chances of going out to tame the Bears are Joe Gardella, third-string bucker, and Gene Levett, second left end.

New faces for the followers of Harvard football will be Nick Mellen at left guard, a J.V. standout last year who has entrenched himself at his post ever since practice began, and rugged Mike Cohen at bucking back.

Brookline's Mike won his starting role off Gloucester's Hen Smith in a terrific three-week fight which seesawed back and forth until Wednesday. Fighting under Vernon Struck and Ralph Pope last year, Cohen saw little major action, playing only two minutes against Dartmouth.

Straight Football

McLaughry has geared his men to watch Harlow's aerials and open razzle-dazzle, but it seems likely that the Crimson will gain most of their groundage by straight plunges and off-tackle spinners. Brown had a tough time with its tackles for this year, since four of the experienced boys failed to meet the scholastic edge required by the Providence deans. Hence they are starting two gridmen converted from other positions.

Bruin center Tom Carey was a back last year, and this factor should weigh heavily in Harlow's favor. It he gets to thinking he is a back on the McLaughry offense today, it is likely to jam the works.

In any case, the 1938 Harvard team will go into a game for which they are prepared. They had the best spring practice ever last year, they had the longest pre-season session this fall they have had since the war, and they have the makings of the greatest team since Barry Wood.MIKE COHEN He Didn't Make His Freshman Team

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