1942 Gridmen Roll Over Worcester 14-12 For First Victory In Two Season As Vander Eb Smashes Across Both Tallies

Stahleymen Pile Up 14 First Downs To Prepsters' Two; Lyman Boots Extras

It was a pleasantly surprised Stadium crowd last Saturday which, at life end of the first quarter of the Army game, rose to cheer the loudspeaker report ".. at the end of the first half, Harvard Freshmen 14, Worcester Academy 0." And although the final score was not quite so impressive, Crimson football fans had the satisfaction of knowing that after two years of defeat, the Yardlings had come out on top.

The victory marked the opening of the 1942 home grid season, and when the whistle blew ending the game with the Freshmen ahead 14-12, hopes for future varsity elevens brightened considerably. The Yardlings had outfought, outrun, and outplayed their opponents in a decisive fashion.

Hank Vander Eb, husky fullback, scored both touchdowns on short line smashes, with Ted Lyman providing the margin of victory in the form of two placekick conversions.

14 First Downs for Yardlings

The score indicates that the game was a much more evenly played game than it really was. Worcester, resorting to passes in the second and final periods, connected twice for touchdowns through a Yardling defense which was facing serial bombardment for the time this season.


But except for these completed heaves, the '42 outfit ran things just about as they pleased. The Yarders rang up 14 first downs to 2 for Worcester. Inability to capitalize on its power to the best advantage kept the score down. This was also the trouble against Exeter.

The game ended with the Freshmen on the enemy two-yard line, with four downs to put the ball across. The victory was the first the Crimson has gained over Worcester since 1934.

Starters for the Freshmen were: Kuhn and Johnson, ends; Miller and Simmons, tackles; Row and Peabody, guards; Ayres, center; Lyman, quarterback; Heiden, left half; Dreher, right half; and Vander Eb, fullback.