Requests for Recommendation Letters Must Be Made at Dean's Office Before October 22

Undergraduates who are competing for Rhodes Scholarships this year must file their applications by Saturday, November 5, and are reminded in a communication from the Dean's Office that the applications are void on that date if they have not received the endorsement of the University.

Requests for letters of recommendation must be made at the Dean's Office. 4 University Hall, on or before Saturday, October 22.

The scholarships are good for two years with an annual stipend of 400 pounds.

Blanks can be obtained from the following representatives in each House: Adams--Mr. R. B. Schlatter; Dunster--Professor E. S. Mason; Eliot--Dr. J. H. Gleason; Kirkland--Professor C. K. M. Kluckhohn; Leverett--Professor W. C. Greene; Lowell--Professor W. Y. Elliott; Winthrop--Professor D. B. Durand.

Blanks can also be obtained from Dr. J. K. Fairbank, kirkland H-11, who is in general charge this year of the Rhodes Scholarship applications at Harvard. Appointments can be made with him by telephoning before nine o'clock in the morning to KIRkland 1109.