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Sophie Tucker, last of the so-called red-hot mamas, promised that she would get to the Harvard-Dartmouth Ball at the Hotel Somerset tomorrow night if she "possibly could," in an interview at the opening night of "Leave It To Me"

La Tucker, appearing in the Cole Porter musical in Boston, was enthusiastic about everything, if a little vague in the noise and confusion of a first night. She congratulated Harvard for its victory over Notre Dame last Saturday.

The chanteuse continued in a slightly more realistic vein as she urged all students to come and see her show. "Tell them that I love them all dearly," she said, "and that if they don't all come to see me, each and every one of them, yes, the whole ten thousand of them, during my two weeks in Boston, I'm going to be terribly disappointed. And tell them that I want them to cheer madly when I make my entrance so that I'll know that they are there."

She swore that if she possibly could she would appear at the Ball tomorrow night in spite of the tailoring and pruning and late rehearsals that accompany the opening of a big musical comedy. She also said she would sing some of the songs which are rumored to be titillating the auricular appendages of Beacon Hill audiences.

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