Skip Stahley's Charges Favored to Take Blue and White, But 10-Year Jinx Threatens--Andover Has Won Two, Lost One

HARVARD '42  ANDOVER Kuhn l.e.  r.e. Whoopes Miller l.t.  r.t. Fisher Row l.g.  r.g. Macomber Ayres c.  c. Scekins Peabody r.g.  l.g. Lyford Gardiner r.t.  l.t. Remsen Johnson r.e.  l.e. Barr Lyman q.b.  q.b. Hallowell Spreyer l.h.b.  r.h.b. Gould Tine r.h.b.  l.h.b. Townsend Heiden f.b.  f.b. Bissett

Coach Skip Stahley's promising Freshman football team leaves this morning for Andover, where it takes on the Academy gridders in its third game of the season. The contest is scheduled for 2 o'clock.

The Yardlings will be up against a ten-year jinx when they kick off to the Blue and White, for no Crimson Freshman team has handed them a beating since 1928, when Andover bowed to the Freshmen 19-0. Since then, in seven games, Andover has won four and tied three.

Chances this fall for a Crimson win are very good, with the 1942 outfit studded with outstanding players in every department. The line, averaging 195 pounds, is nevertheless fast, while Coach Stahley has several fine ball-carriers and blockers in the backfield, including Fred Spreyer, Harry Tine, Henry Vander Eb, and George Heiden.

Coach Ray Shepherd, Andover mentor, is quite pessimistic, since the Blue has not been too impressive in its victories over the Bowdoin Jayvees and the Northeastern Freshmen, while losing to the Yale Pups 19-6.


But the Yardlings have definitely not exhibited the ability to capitalize on their strong power plays. They were nosed out by an inferior Exeter eleven, and against Worcester, the Freshman managed to win by only two points although outrushing the Academy 14 first downs to 2.

On the credit side of the ledger for the Stahleymen is a defiinte advantage in weight. Tackles Vern Miller, Tom Gardener, and Julian Simmons, guards Dick Row and Endy Peabody, and pivot man Chuck Ayres all have the edge over their opponents in this respect.