Varsity Harriers Finish Ahead of New Hampshire, Dartmouth; Penn Tuttle, Rossie Brayton Tie for 1st

Coach Jack Carr's shifty soccer eleven drove right through Dartmouth's heavy defense to score a 3 to 0 triumph over the booters from Hanover on the Business School fields. The Yardling outfit, however, were edged out by the Green's Freshman attack to the tune of 1-0, in the second game yesterday.

Scoring one goal himself on a penalty kick Captain Johnnie Johansen, starred in a fast running attack which left the Indians breathless and Coach Carr well pleased at the final whistle. Howie Mendel, versatile left-outsider booted in two tallies.

The Crimson failed in their attempts to score during the first two periods, but they were in Indian territory most of the time. In the third quarter, Howie Mendel got off a 40-yard kick with his left foot that just wormed into the goal, starting the Harvard scoring. Dick Whitkin turned in a fine brand of play all afternoon.

Captain Roswell Brayton '39, and his teammate Penn Tuttle '40, crossed the finish line of the triangular Harvard, Dartmouth, and New Hampshire cross country race hand in hand yesterday afternoon as they led the field and were the prime factors in the Crimson victory. The final score: Harvard 28, New Hampshire 40, Dartmouth 57.

Dave Simboli '40 was a close third, cinching the race for Harvard. Harold Wonson of Dartmouth followed, with Harold Jennison of New Hampshire a fifth. Coach Jaakko Mikkola's team is thus so far undefeated. Last week the varsity downed B. U. with Penn Tuttle the first at the finish.


The Freshmen, however, were not so blessed. Dartmouth was here strong, winning first, second, and fourth places. In all, the Indians kept the score down to 27, while Harvard was second with 41, and New Hampshire on the end with 55. Robert Jay, who brought a third place to the Harvard Freshmen, was elected captain following the race