Crimson Jayvees Repel Big Green 6-0 in Close Win

Touchdown by Rowe In 1st Period Result Of 80-yard March After Indians Fumble

On a wave of "breaks," the Junior Varsity football team rode to a close 6-0 win over a light Dartmouth team on Soldiers Field yesterday. The Crimson team showed a marked superiority throughout the game but failed to follow up any scoring opportunities after they capitalized on some early mistakes by the Green.

With their backs up against their own goal line after a punt by the Indians early in the first period, the Crimson team kicked to mid-field. The Green team made a mere five yards through the stone wall Harvard defense, and elected to kick on the fourth down. The kicker was rushed, and he lifted the ball high in the air only to have it fall on the line of scrimmage. A back roll put it five yards behind the line when a Crimson man jumped on it.

Rowe Scores for Crimson

The Harvard team made little headway and was forced to kick the ball for coffin corner. On the Green's second play in returning the ball, it was fumbled and recovered by a Harvard player on the thirteen yard line. This time the Crimson offensive was effective, and culminated in having Art Rowe dash over the line for the first and last touchdown of the game. Lacey's kick for conversion went wide of the uprights, and the score stayed at 6-0.

The Crimson players maintained their superiority for the rest of the game with the exception of the beginning of the third quarter when the Green team showed an amazing attack and rolled off four first downs in a row.


Twice later in the game, the Crimson team threatened the Indians' goal, as Bill Brown crashed through the Green line for two high yardage gains. Other outstanding players for the Crimson were Gus Soule and Tom Lacey at guards, Bart Kelly and Jim Devine at ends, Louis Harder at center, Art Rowe at tailback and Hurley at wing.