Heading for a Fall

Secondly, there is equally little doubt that this is by far the most fighting team Harvard has fielded in recent years. The kind of fight they have shown against Cornell and Army is the kind which is bound to bring the "breaks" sooner or later, "breaks" which just have not fallen right so far. Perhaps today it will be different.

Yesterday Dick Harlow put his squad through the usual pro-game warm-up in the Stadium. Tenseness was evident, but there is not the slightest chance that Harvard will go into today's game thinking they are beaten. Underdog though they certainly are, there is no talk of going for a "moral victory" game.

Again passes will be the spearheads of the Harlow offense. With Austle Harding ready to go, and with Frank Foley and Bob James ready to do some tossing of their own, there just remains to be seen who of Don Daughters, Bob Green, Torby Macdonald, and Joe Gardella will be the fair-haired boy who will usurp the honor of snagging the aerials.

Bucker Ben Smith and the fast-coming Joe Gardella (who should see plenty of action especially to bolster the backfield defense) will try to keep the spinning offense at the kind of past when they were ripping through the Army line. This Dartmouth team is no world-beater on defense. Harvard will count on an equal-weighted but superior starting forward wall, backed up by Cliff Wilson and Tim Russell, to stop the Green attack, and then will attempt to turn on the offensive steam. Each opponent has scored 20 points against the Harlowmen; today they will go out to score more than 20 of their own.

Coach Blaik had his red-hot Big Green work out in the Stadium shortly after Harvard. There was a little photo snatching, and then the boys retired to the Belmont Country Club for the night. The Crimson team will go to Brae Burn for the evening.


The weather man confidently predicted fair and cold, the reverse of usual Dartmouth weather for the clash. Meanwhile the mackinawed men from the hills of Hanover kept pouring into Harvard by the twos, threes, fours, and squads. The curtain rises