Deacons and Rabbits Triumph

Kirkland Gridders Edge Bellboys 7-0 As Leverett Upsets Adams 13-0

An eight yard off-tackle slash at the crucial moment, together with the help from heaven that all good Deacons have a right to expect, won the all important Lowell game for Kirkland, 7-0, yesterday afternoon, thus brushing aside the Deacons' most formidable opponent for the House grid title. In the other Soldiers Field encounter, a favored Adams eleven was cut down by last place Leverett 13-0.

Kirkland and Lowell entered their game rated on even terms. A heavy, fast Bellboy line which has performed well defensively all season was given an even chance to smash up the highly-touted Deacon running plays.

The Deacons won the toss, and chose to kick off with the wind at their backs, A long kickoff carried to the Bellboy goal line, where Dave Conroy grabbed the ball and ran it back to the thirty. After a few line plays, Lowell was forced to kick into the strong wind.

Here Kirkland took the advantage which was to eventually bring its lone, winning touchdown. The Deacons, after being held for downs wont back into punt formation with Jack McClure back McClure booted the ball high, and it headed slightly left of the goal posts.

The ball finally landed almost on the goal line, and then god and the Deacons got together. instead of bouncing into the end zone the ornery pigskin went off at right angles toward the sideline, going out on the one foot mark.


Lowell immediately kicked out, but the wind held the ball back. On the kick, Lowell was penalized for trying to tackle the safety man, who had signaled a fair catch. This brought the ball to the Lowell one yard stripe. A penalty on Kirkland put it back to the nine. Then Roy Moore broke loose on an off-tackle play for the score.

Deacon guard Dave Gray spoiled an incipient Bellboy score in the second period when he sneaked through and nailed Norm Blotner from behind on a fourth down play which started on the Deacon 18.

As in the Winthrop game, Lowell took the ball from their own 40 at the beginning of the fourth quarter and marched through Kirkland. Mel Gordon capped a series of brilliant end runs and tackle slashes with a 30 yard jaunt through the center of the Deacon line and was brought down on the Kirkland seven.

Lowell pushed down to the one yard marker, and on a desperate fourth down try for a touchdown, Norm Blotner failed by inches. After this Lowell never again threatened

Standouts of the game, the hardest fought to date, were guard Dave Gray and backs Jack McClure and Roy Moore for the Deacons, and Mcl Gordon for Lowell. Gordon not only was the best runner on the field, but his blocking and tackling were superb.

Leverett won its first game, upsetting Adams 13-0, by breaking up a much vaunted 'Coaster passing attack. The Bunnies, in their turn, tallied twice via the air ways.

The first Leverett touchdown came on a 15 yard pass from Vint Freedley to Red Davis, who then ran 65 yards for the score. The second Rabbit touchdown came after Ollie Foote had intercepted one of Ed Whitman's heaves Freedley tossed a flat pass to Ed Dobbyn who scored standing up.

Hank Burgess, Loverett center, played his fifth 60-minute game. His teammate, Ben Willcox stood out at guard.