Fascism Coming To United States, Is Pettee Forecast

Government Instructor Claims Pre-Fascist Conditions Are Present Here

"America could and quite possibly will go Fascist; it could happen in five year," George S. Pettee '26, instructor in Government, told 100 "prosecuting attorney's at the second in a series of forums sponsored by the Council of Government Concentrators in Kirkland House last night.

Answering a barrage of questions from the floor, Pettee maintained that all the usual pre-Francist, conditions exist in the United states at the present time: confusion, restlessness, and lack of faith. As examples he pointed to the increase of gambling, the growth of "fancy cults" such as astrology and numerology, and the increasing emphasis of the New Deal on temporary palliatives.

Criticizes New Deal

"Reform before recovery has given way to recovery before reform," Pettee said of the present administration.

"Fascism is the last resort of an inter-dependent community when all else has failed at organizing it," he continued. Although he declined to specify the exact form in which Fascism might appear in this country, Pettee pointed out that it would not necessarily ape German and Italian Fascism.


"I don't think the name is important," he said, "but 'Americanism' is always good."

Fascism offers the security and irresponsibility of mass action to a people whose traditional allegiance has been shattered, and replaced by disillusionment, Pettee said. "It could be slipped over on us like a lollypop to a hungry kid."