McNamara Again Blasts Harvard In Meeting of Cambridge council

Says City Should Receive Some Material Benefit Instead of Academic Advice

Declaring that "Instead of advice Harvard ought to give some material benefit to the Cambridge City Government," City Council President McNamara blasted Harvard in a meeting of the Council at City Hall last night that was notable for its comparative lack of bitter feeling.

Although McNamara bitterly denounced the "adolescent intelligence of the students" and stressed the "seriousness of the Council's proposal" for a separate Harvard municipality, his speech was apparently taken as a joke by the packed galleries. "He just wants to get his picture in the American," said one.

Skunked by a Skunk

McNamara was pretty sore at one prank, he declared. "My home was visited, apparently by Harvard students, and they left a little black and white animal in a box. I am asking Postmaster Tague to investigate all those pranks."

"The next move," he declared, "is up to Harvard, Let the persons responsible--not the students--do something. The citizens of Cambridge are aroused and want some kind of action. After all, I never saw anybody that could eat any of that Harvard culture that is supposed to bless us.


"These gentlemen who founded the Massachusetts Constitution never thought that Harvard would take advantage of it to the extent they have today."

The cracks at Granville Hicks that have been accompanying all recent Council meetings were not absent last night. McNamara quoted from some Communistic literature announcing Hicks as a speaker at the forthcoming rally of that party and bellowed at the top of his lungs:

"Granville Hicks! Granville Hicks of Harvard! Harvard! Plan E!"