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By Rockwell Hollands

Delirium tremens may not be the result, but the Sophomore potentate. Joe Gardella, should be getting slightly confused shuttling back and forth from fullback to wingback, for yesterday Harlow revealed that Gardella will probably play at both positions Saturday since the second-string wing reserve, Bob Burnett, night before last stepped out of a car the wrong way and temporarily disabled himself.

Gardella will start against Princeton at fullback, says Harlow, but if Torbert Macdonald needs relief he will switch to wing and Ben Smith will come in at fullback. Last week Macdonald went for the full 60 minutes; perhaps he can do it again. At any rate Burnett will be held out only a week with his leg injury.

As for right guard Dave Glueck, things have taken to the better and doctors announce that he will be able to start Saturday. Earlier this week it appeared as though his injury, suffered in the Army game, would keep him on the bench for a second week-end but yesterday Glueck proved his fitness by taking contact work with the rest of the A team, Nevertheless, if he does start against the orange and black Tigers, his invulnerability is so thin that Bill Coleman will probably see a good part of the game.

Yesterday had another development, one which was more or less expected; Don Daughters was back at right end on the A team in place of Win Jameson, first-stringer for two days. Daughters will undoubtedly start his fifth game of the season day after tomorrow.

No scrimmage was held at the field yesterday, contrary to general expectations. Since the varsity scrimmaged on Tuesday for the first time in three weeks, Harlow thought one day sufficient considering that the team took nearly the battering against the Indians last week that it did against Cornell and Army. A rugged scrimmage on the dummy machines, however, on took the place of the heavier contact work.

Once more a half hour's dummy defensive scrimmage against Princeton plays was held for the A team, with End Coach Wes Fesler presenting the passing attack. A stiff pass offense drill was then held by the A and B teams to finish the day. Both Harding and Foley were throwing well. On the receiving end, Sophomore Gene Lovett, B team left end, distinguished himself.

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