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Tbe Crime



One thing is certain--having a girl up to a game involves a large expenditure of a student's hard-earned allowance, and frequently creates apparently insoluble problems of budget-balancing after the dream girl has gone home again. But one undergraduate, foreseeing late-October bankruptcy, has utilized a plan of financing the weekend which combines the blind devotion of the days of chivalry with the materialism of this streamlined age.

When, in September, this swain invited "the one girl" to the Princeton game, he drew from his pocket a $20 bill, and to her great amazement, neatly tore this sizable piece of pocket lettuce in to equal halves and gave one to her, keeping the other himself. He then explained politely that neither half would be redeemable without the other, entreated her not to send it to him in spite of any pleas he might make in the future, and depositing a kiss on her perplexed brow, departed for Cambridge.

"But suppose she doesn't--?" a friend asked him timidly.

"Quiet!" he thundered, and the friend crept away, shaking his head sadly.

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