If,--That's a weak word, but it is the only one applicable to the Brown pictures, shown yesterday at a press meeting with Dick Harlow in the H.A.A. office. This sounds like an alibi on Saturday's game, but the movies brought out clearly that on several plays one clean line block instead of a half one would have made the difference, not just between two and ten yards, but between two and a touchdown.

Taking movies of every single play in each game is no small item in the football budget, but no one will deny their worth in teaching the science of gridiron technique. Harlow runs the pictures over and over again for the benefit of his squad. A coach can tell Joe or Bill repeatedly that he missed a certain block, but when the boy sees it there preserved for posterity on the silver screen, well, it makes a lasting impression on Joe or Bill.

Brown Delayed Ends

Green, Daughters, Booth, and Glueck turned in good, but not their best games. Toward the end of the game, when Harvard, too late, became thoroughly air-minded, the ends had terrific jobs in breaking away from the line of scrimmage, but there was nothing illegal about the Brown manner of delaying the flankmen.

Of course the men most carefully watched during the flickers were the new faces, each of whom played almost a full game. Although there is no question that Brown made most of its yardage through the left side of the line, it is equally unquestionable that both left tackle Tom Healey and left guard Nick Mellen turned in fair ball games, considering their desperate paucity of Varsity experience.

Cohen's Lack of Experience

Likewise in the cast of bucker Mike Cohen. Perhaps he did not drive in the fashion of Vernon "the faker" Struck, but remember that Cohen's major experience was limited to about a minute of pay in last year's Dartmouth debacle.

In any case, Dick Harlow's confidence in Healey, Mellen, and Cohen was demonstrated when he said definitely that there would be no changes at these posts for the invasion of the rampaging Red invaders of Cornell the day after tomorrow.