Blacklisting for Life Imposed on Any Convicted of Misusing Grid Game Ducats, Getchell warns

Although present indications are that no football games here this fall with the possible exception of Princeton will be sell-outs, Carrol F. Getchell of the H. A. A. yesterday warned against violations of the rules governing the use of tickets.

"Ever year," said Getchell, "There are some who'll sell tickets to scalpers for money, running as high as $50 for a pair." And every yea there are from 12 to 25 men apprehended, who stand the chance of being blacklisted.

Although the B. A. A. doesn't wish to divulge its methods for finding violations of the ticket regulations, Getchell did admit that before any sell-out game, there are as many as six H. A. A. men assigned to discovering culprits.

In case of conclusive evidence, the man will be punished according to the circumstances. Sometimes the penalty means blacklisting for life and on other occasions punishments are method out with less severity by Getchell's recommendations to the Committee on the Regulation of Athletics.

When a student applies for more than one ticket and signifies that one of them will be for personal use, it is stamped in order to comply with a government statute. In the event that the tickets are sold to an outsider, obviously not a Harvard man, the sale may be detected by the fact that an outsider couldn't legally obtain a stamped ducat.