Good Old Days No Chillier Than Today Blue Hill Observatory Records Show For Boston Area

It is certainly not true that New England winters are any less severe now than they were in the "good old days" declared Charles F. Brooks '11, professor of meteorology and director of the Blue Hill Observatory, in an interview yesterday at Geographical Institute, while the freezing wind howled outside.

In the last fifty years Boston's average winter temperature has dropped only 1 1/2 degrees, which is the equivalent of the weather 30 miles to the south in 1888. The last half-century's coldest winter, in fact, was only five years ago, when the mercury dropped to 21 below zero, At the meteorological station on Blue Hill there is, from New Bedford in 1812, a record which shows that our forefathers did not have any more snow and ice than we do today.

Professor Brooks emphasized the fact that science has not yet discovered any method of predicting the weather a month or two in advance. Certain general statements only can be made; such as, that it will be 10 degrees colder as long as the snow remains.