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Seniors Wander in Gloomy Crypt Of Peabody Museum Trying To Survey Rooftops


Two Seniors discovered yesterday afternoon where the University repository for bones and old worn out mummies was located while they were prowling around in the attic of the Peabody Museum, and the unexpected disclosure caused them no end of discomfort.

Both men, members of the crew, had just finished a class under Bradford Washburn which deals with the surveying of mountains. In the absence of any Alps in Cambridge, they decided to penetrate into the attic of the Museum and survey the surrounding roof-tops.

Lights! Lights!

On the way up, they were told by an unidentified person that they would find a light in the middle of the attic. The attic, located between the fifth floor and the roof, was known to be a dark, forbidding chamber.

The two adventurers got up into the crypt, but couldn't locate the bulb. After groping in the gloom frantically for the string, they got desperate. On top of this, each was heavily burdened with a tripod and a pair of binoculars.

Frantically casting off their excess burdens, the two rushed about grasping at imaginary strings. Finally the light was located, and the flood of illumination revealed to the surveyors that they had placed their binoculars on the tummy of a mummy, while the tripods stood beside a half-decomposed skeleton.

Blondie The Hippo Discovered

Although the wanderers did not stop to find out, it was later discovered that the attic is the mausoleum for all of the University's old fossils, stuffed animals, and mummies which used repairing.

Sometimes these various relics, like the prisoners of the Bastille, are thrown into the dank den and then left to rot forgotten. In one musty corner, investigators discerned what seemed to be the tattered remnsuts of old Blondie, the maiden aunt of the hippopotamus in the Union.

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