Goldstein of Columbia Will Discuss "Meaning of Words"

Cramer of Mt. Holyoke Also Slated to Lecture Tomorrow

The Problem of the Meaning of Words," a subject which aroused a storm of comment when it was popularized by Stuart Chase last year, will be the topic of a free, public lecture by Dr. Kurt Goldstein in Emerson Hall at 4.30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Dr. Goldstein, Clinical Professor of Neurology at Columbia University, has come here to deliver a series of talks as William James Lecturer on Philosophy and Psychology.

Another guest lecturer, Professor Frederick H. Cramer of Mount Holyoke College, will speak at 8 o'clock in Laurence Hall tomorrow night on 'The conquest of the Universities by the Emperors of Rome." Dr. Cramer is engaged in a series of lectures under the auspices of the Graduate School of Education.