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At the request of the Cambridge Police the University today is sending automobile operation questionnaires to the 6,500 Harvard students who are not residents of Massachusetts, as part of its new "peace with honor" policy toward the local administration.

The purpose of this step, taken after consultation with the Student Council, is to call the attention of non-resident students to the local motor laws, which, among other things forbid the operation of an out-of-state car for more than 30 days without obtaining a permit from the Registry of Motor Vehicles showing that the owner carries the required minimum insurance.

Make, Type of Car Asked

The information blanks ask for details as to the state, registration number, and make and type of the car, and name and address of owner and operator. Data regarding Massachusetts cars are already available to the police through the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Questionnaires are to be returned to the office of Jerome D. Greene '96, Secretary to the Corporation, by Thursday, December 15, and will then be turned over to the police. In a letter accompanying the requests for information, Greene said, "The Corporation feel that compliance with this request is in the interest of the University and the students involved."

Also enclosed with each questionnaire is a memorandum summarizing important regulations regarding operation of automobiles here which warns that "the Massachusetts statutory requirements with regard to the registra once. Two of the courts may be used for handball as well as squash.

752 Lockers

Shower rooms are located on both the first and second levels. Seven hundred and fifty-two general lockers are available; while 18 lockers have been provided in a special room for coaches and teams.

According to the Athletic Association's plans, the gym will be open daily from 11 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock at night. Certain squash courts are to be reserved for the Varsity and Freshman teams between the hours of two and six. The building will be under the direction of the Athletic Association and may be used by all holders of participation tickets. In direct charge of the program is Norman Fradd, Assistant Director of Physical Education: Chief Instructor in the building is Howard Cox.Hemenway Gymnasium of Bygone Days Now Replaced

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