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French Like Grid Huddle

PARIS--American football has had its debut before sports-loving Frenchmen, and the verdict tonight was that the best thing about the game was the "huddle."

A troupe of touring American footballers coached by Jim Crowley of Fordham put on an exhibition before 2,000 gaping Frenchmen at Parc de Princess Stadium Saturday and the sports pages today were full of the affair.

The game itself was described variously as "a combination of rugby, soccer, wrestling and bullfighting" and "very much like a collision between an automobile and a bus," but it was declared "too brutal" for the French taste.

The huddle, however, intrigued the experts no end.

It is by far the most interesting part of the game," one sports writer said. "It is apparent that they gather to cheer, in the spirit of true sportsmanship, before each play."