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Faced with the ejection of its Radcliffe members as a condition of a loan of $5,500 form the University, the new graduate dining cooperative held a stormy session in Andover Hall last night. "I feel strongly that the University's action was unjustifiable, since we have been in the cooperative from the beginning," Miss Dewilda Naramore, Radcliffe 1G, declared.

In order to recondition the basement room of Andover Hall for the cafeteria which is at present scheduled for opening January 5, and in order to buy necessary equipment, the cooperative has secured the promise of University aid to the extent of $5,500. This money would be repaid, without interest, over a period of five years. But as one condition of this loan, President Conant and Dean Sperry have both declared that Women, even as guests, cannot be allowed in the cafeteria.

"We Will Behave Ourselves"

The cooperative was formed with the aid of Radcliffe girls. The original idea is attributed to Sarah Cauman, Radcliffe '39. "We had hoped that the joint organization, if successful, would set a precedent for harmonious Harvard Radcliffe relations," Miss Leigh Steinhardt, Radcliffe 2G, declared. "After al, the chances of anything happening are every slight. We will behave ourselves."

On the other hand it is the belief of University officials that to admit Radcliffe girls would raise the whole question of coeducation in the Graduate Schools, and for this reason they oppose their inclusions, it was declared. "The University has been exceedingly generous, and I believe the welfare of the whole cooperative is more important than any single issue," Spencer Thompson, 2G, said.

"Harvard Co-educational?

But the Radcliffe members, most of whom are also members of the Radcliffe student Union, are apparently ready to raise the issue of coeducation. "Harvard and Radcliffe relations are very illogical," Miss Steinhardt declared. "I see no reason why graduate students are subject to so many petty restrictions. We have uncomfortable facilities in Widener, we must be out by a certain time, there are places we cannot go... Is there anything dreadful about Harvard and Radcliffe working together?"

The decision with regard to ejecting Radcliffe members is up to the cooperative, and will be made soon. For the future, it is hoped that the embryonic organization can be made the nucleus of a larger and more inclusive dining hall or halls; and it is unofficially assumed that the rates now charged will serve as a yardstick of fair rates for the future.

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