(Courtesy of the Boston Herald)

General Forecast: General skiing conditions will remain fair through tomorrow due to continued cold.


PITTSFIELD BERKSHIRES: 5-24 inches of light crumbly snow. Packed conditions at Mt. Brodie, Bosqucia,' Pittsfield Forest, and East Mt. Temperature 28 above, clear.

New Hampshire

BROOKLINE: 3 inches of hardpacked powder over 8 inches base. 28 above, clear, Tow running.

CRAWFORD NOTCH: 10 inches windswept powder, Skiing good.

EASTERN SLOPE REGION: 6 to 8 inches of frozen granular on slopes. 20 above, clear.

FRANCONIA-CANNON MR: 19 inches hard packed base. 2 inches new powder at 4,000 feet. Good skiing. 2 above and clear.

GOFFSTOWN: 10 inches on trails, skiing fair.

GORHAM: 10 inches common crust with 1 inch new windblown powder. Skiing fair to good on slopes. 10 above and fair.

LACONIA-BELKNAPS: 7 inches on slopes unbreakable crust, practically no skiing. Light crust on trails, which are well-covered. 18 above, clear.

MONADNOCK REGION: 14 inches windpacked powder. Skiing good.

PINKHAM NOTCH: 15 1-2 inches of new powder over old crust. 14 inches windpacked powder at the Summit. 12-above, clear, in the Notch.

PLYMOUTH: 14 inches of windpacked powder. Skiing good.

TAMWORTH REGION: 8 inches of snow. Breakable crust. Skiing fair.


MANCHESTER: 12 inches breakable crust, practically no skiing. 16 above, clear.

STOWE: 3 inches new powder over 4 inches base in Smugglers Notch. 15 inches near Summit, skiing good on Toll Road.

NORTH WOODSTOCK: 7 inches of powder. 18 above and clear, skiing fair.