Chairman of General Foods Has Seven Points for Job Placement

C.M. Chester, chairman of General Foods Corporation, speaking at the same meeting as Dr. Bruening, outlined a seven-point plan for cooperation between business and school authorities for placing college graduates in jobs.

"A net increase of nearly 600,000 people seeking jobs each year is a challenging problem which business, professions, and educational institutions must jointly try to solve," Chester said.

His program is as follows:

1. A national organization of educational and business groups cooperating to help guide young people in getting jobs.

2. Conferences, in all communities, for educators and business men to study job conditions.


3. Exchange professorships, whereby teachers take temporary jobs in business, and business men take temporary assignments as school lecturers.

4. Strengthening work of job placement bureaus.

5. Better studies as to young peoples' aptitudes for special kinds of work.

6. Furthering of more projects which combine schooling with actual jobs in business organizations.

7. Developing of special schools along lines of those at Annapolis and West Point to train youths for special jobs in public life and certain business assign.