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At the close of business yesterday, the University had, in unofficial capacity, given to the Boston Community Fund drive a total of $5,886.75, it was revealed yesterday afternoon at the Boston office of the drive.

For the most part this money is listed in the drive under the various departments of the University but appear in the papers as "Harvard University, students, staff, and employees."

Persons connected with the University who gave money and designated their position had their money listed under the department to which they belong. Enough people did not make their position clear, however, to necessitate a so-called "general" University item of $2,939.

$250 From Council

Only direct student contribution to the drive was the amount of $250 given by the Student Council from dues collected in September.

Faculty members were solicited by a committee of three professors, Ralph B. Perry, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, Edward K. Rand, Pope Professor of Latin, and Frank W. Taussig, Henry Lee Professor of Economics, Emeritus. This was done through the Community Committee through the medium of Congressman Richard M. Russell, of Cambridge.

The three professors wrote one letter urging contributions, and, upon further urging from drive leaders followed up the original letter with a second missive. These letters pointed out the fact that the city of Cambridge benefited from a number of the Boston charities connected with the drive.

According to the fund office, there was no definite assignment of solicitation among University employees, and the method of collection has not been revealed, but the drive spokesman said that there had been a "thorough system of canvass."

Divinity School Drops

As compared with the $5,866.75 1938 figure, the 1936 University amount was listed at $7,351.35 and the 1937 amount at $7,061.44. This year's total, however, is expected to be augmented by late receipts.

Among the various departments there are some figures which, although small, may be taken to show an interesting trend. The Government department total is this year's $40, the Music department is shown to be $32 this year, as against $111 in 1937. Last but not least is the Divinity School, quoted in 1937 as $6 but this year tabulated at $0.

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