Hopper, Jones Urge Cooperation of America, Britain in Far East; Also Defend Navy Policy

Jones Says Naval Understandings With England Must Be Very Informal

Urging co-operation of Britain with America in the Far-Eastern policy of this country, Bruce C. Hopper, professor of Government and S. Shepherd Jones, instructor in Government, discussed the problems facing the two nations in the Pacific in a radio talk last night.

"Since the crash of collective security, there is nothing left but balance of power to maintain an equilibrium," Hopper said, "but just how to get Britain and America to co-operate is always sort of a difficulty."

Understanding Informal

With regard to the existence of a secret naval pact with Britain, Jones felt that any such understanding "would have to be very informal. At the same time there is nothing in our Constitution to prevent American naval officers comparing notes with British officers about their common field of operation, which is the Pacific."

Hopper defended the existence of a big navy by saying "it is to keep us out of war when we don't want to go in. You can't keep out of war by being weak. It's cheaper for America to outbuild Japan than to fight her."


"The funny thing about battleships," he added, is that they "are sent to the scrap heap without ever firing a shot. But that's the proper function of a battleship."