Rabbits Pound Elephants for 4-1 Decision in House Boxing

Landry-Ware Bout High Point of First Round Matches at Gymnasium

In a flurry of flying gloves the Bunny boxers pounded their way to a 4 to 1 decision over Eliot in the first round of the House tournament in the Athletic Building yesterday afternoon, as the scheduled Dunster-Dudley encounter was called off for lack of contestants.

High point on the day's card was the slugging match between Shelly Ware of Eliot and Chris Landry of Leverett. It was Ware who scored the only knockdown of the afternoon when he threw his stocky opponent with what looked like a flying mare. Although Landry failed to capitalize on the Elephant's high guarding, he was awarded the decision after three rounds of heavy slugging on both sides.

Best boxing performance was turned in by Albert Damon of Leverett in the 165 pound bout, as he blocked everything Howard Wood, who had a considerable advantage in reach, could throw at him. Although he kept his right in check the Rabbitt piled up a safe lead with repeated left jabs, stalling off with superior footwork Wood's sporadic attempts to get behind his guard.

Richardson Takes 135

In the 135 pound bout, Pierson Richardson of the Eliot squad kept boring in on his opponent, Dave Lillie, who tired fast in the last round. The Elephant was awarded the decision.


Bouts in the 125 and 145 classes went by the boards, as Don Thurber of Eliot won the flyweight event by default, for the Elephants only victory, and Leo Kahn took the 145 bout when no opponent showed up.

Tomorrow afternoon pugilists from Winthrop, Lowell, Adams, and Kirkland will meet in the second half of the preliminary round. Finals are scheduled for next Wednesday and Friday.

To eliminate the possibility of House teams bringing in "ringers" at the last minute to win matches by default, it was decided yesterday that in the future entrants must report to Coach Lamar the day before they are scheduled to fight.

Judging the bouts were Robert Schlaffly '36, 2L, and Bernard C. McDonald, former boxing manager.