"Le Medeoin Malgre Lui"

"Le Medecin Malgre Lui," a movie taken directly from Moliere's play by the same name, imitates the Comedic Francaise in the acting and directing. The cast is an extremely good one, headed by M. Rogoni, as Sganarelle, the jovial, sensual wood-chopper who suddenly becomes a doctor in spite of himself.

The movie, however, gives nothing new to the screen, and it fails to realize the many advantages the screen has over the stage. The directing therefore seems amateurish as far as modern technique is concerned.

Moliere with his wit and sparkle is the man chiefly responsible for making the show worth going to see, and his satire against doctors still gives first-rate entertainment. From the educational standpoint. "Le Medecin Malgre Lui" is a great success to the filled houses that are able to see it; but we should like to see a French movie that is primarily a movie, like "Mayerling," but undefaced by English captions.