Ballot Boxes to Be Stationed in Yard, House Dining Halls, Dudley -- Three Marshals to Be Chosen

With a petition that John A. Sullivan of Brookline be added to the list of candidates for class orator and one candidate requesting to drop from the election, Nathaniel G. Benchley, chairman of the Nominating Committee, announced last night that the final list of candidates for Senior class officers is complete.

At his own request Arthur M. Schlesinger was dropped from those on the ballot for Senior class odist. Elections will be held March 1 and 2 with ballot boxes stationed in all the house dining halls, in Dudley Hall, and in Yard classrooms.

Sullivan, who lives in Lowell House, is secretary of the Debating Council. According to the announcement of the Nominating Committee last Monday, a petition with 25 signatures automatically adds a candidate's name to the ballot.

Biographies of Candidates

Thirty-sex seniors will be eligible for election next Tuesday and Wednesday. Those nominated for the three marshalships are Charles R. Allen, Edward L. Barnes, Harold V. Cleveland, John L. Dampeer, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Francis Keppel, George F. Lowman, George F. Roberts, Vernon H. Struck, and Casper W. Weinberger.


Elections for class treasurer, chorister, orator, odist, and poet will take place at the same time. Monday, before the election, the CRIMSON will run an election insert giving pictures and biographies of all the candidates.

With Benchley on the senior Nominating Committee are J. Sinclair Armstrong, Lyman B. Burgank, Joseph Franklin, Elliott B. Knowlton, George F. Lowman and Robert T. Whitman.