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Began When Time Said Hanford Legally Enjoined School from Selling Lecture Notes


NEW YORK, Feb. 15--Old Manter Hall, traditional tutoring school at Harvard, emerged triumphant from the New York Federal District Court with an award of six cents in damages against Time Incorporated, in a suit for criminal libel. The action, which began almost a year ago, was concluded when the jury reduced the damages requested from $50,000,000 to the minimum statutory limit required by law.

In December, 1936, Time magazine published a survey of the tutoring situation at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Briefly reviewing the different tutoring establishments here, Time's article erred in fact when it stated that "Dean Alfred Chester Hanford had old Manter Hall School. . . legally enjoined from selling copies of lecture notes. . . ."

No such action was sever taken by the University against Manter Hall; no one has ever accused Manter Hall of such activities. Shortly after, Time retracted the statement.

Through its Boston attorney, who is also one of the school's Board of Directors and a tutor. "The Widow's" entered suit last spring. Time Incorporated was represented in the proceedings by Cravath, De Gersdorff, Swain and Wood.

Three undergraduates were brought from Cambridge under subpoenae to testify for the defence; only one reached the witness stand. From William and Mary came Dr. Miller, section man in Philosophy B in 1928, when forty identical "critical" book reviews were traced to a seminar conducted at the "Widow," likewise to testify.

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