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Article in The Dartmouth Shows Current Campus Feeling On Outside Guests


Recognizing the limitation of outside guests at Carnival as a "fait accompli," Palaeopitus last night released a statement in explanation of the restrictions.

In the culmination of a drive initiated soon after last year's Carnival by complaints against "visiting firemen," last night's action by the senior student governing board explained that it had become "necessary for the College to prevent overcrowding of fraternity dances and to fix the responsibility for invited guests."

The first step in the discouragement of male partygoers from other colleges was taken last May in a meeting of two deans, three secretaries of the College, and two faculty members, in conjunction with representatives of the Outing Club, the Interfraternity Council, the Inter-dormitory Council, Palaeopitus, and The Dartmouth.

Action has already been taken on the decision of that meeting to bring before the Interfraternity Council and the various houses the proposition that no outsiders be allowed entrance to any fraternity dance during the Carnival week end.

Final Steps Taken

The final step in the restriction of "outsiders" will be taken this week when the Carnival Chairmen of the houses meet to take definite action on the matter.

Palaeopitus' statement follows:

"The increasing degree of participation by the undergraduate body in the Dartmouth Winter Carnival has reached a point where the facilities for entertainment are used to capacity. This is particularly true at the fraternity houses. With small houses and large membership it is impossible for the Dartmouth fraternities to extend hospitality to unexpected guests or to hold open house for every member's friends at Carnival time.

"The strong instinct of the Dartmouth student body to be cordial and welcome alumni and friends to full participation in Carnival festivities has made it necessary for the College to prevent the overcrowding of fraternity dances and to fix the responsibility for invited guests by requiring that admission be restricted to those extended formal invitation by the fraternity through its officers.

"Palaeopitus, as the student governing body, having general supervision over undergraduate social functions, offers this explanation for the consolation of students who find it impossible to obtain guests cards which might enable them to dispose of personal social obligations at Carnival time and also for the information of friends, alumni, and others who are disappointed in being excluded from the private parties.

"It is hoped that the program of Carnival events in which general participation in invited will be found so extensive that no Carnival visitor will feel that Dartmouth hospitality has been restrained except as its limitations have been dictated by necessity."

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