Crimson Riders Win

Scoring five goals in the first period, the Crimson polo team Saturday afternoon nosed out the Danvers riders 10-8 at the Commonwealth Armory.

'41 Cagers Trounce Milton

Despite the exam period lay-off, the Freshman hoopsters romped Saturday night through a one-sided game with Milton Academy on latter's court, 33-12.

Freshman Fencers Defeat Exeter


The Yardling fencers defeated the Exeter team Saturday at the Indoor Athletic Building 7-2.

The summary:

Wright (II), defeated O'Hare, 5-3; Johnson (II), defeated Turner, 5-4; Jaros (II), defeated Scharff, 5-4; O'Hare (E), defeated Johnson, 5-4; Jaros (II), defeated Turner, 5-3; Wright (II), defeated Scharff, 5-3; Jaros (II) defeated O'Hare, 5-4; Wright (II), defeated Turner, 5-1; Scharff (E), defeated Honig, 5-1.