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No period in a man's life is better suited for airing his views than the four years spent as a college undergraduate. It is that fertile period when opinions are approaching maturity, and affiliations which tend to persuade prudence and tie the tongue are not yet formed.

In general, it is also a period of radicalism, radicalism that is usually cooled later by the tempering effects of worldly experience. It has long been the fashion among students to oppose conservatism; and those with conservative opinions, no matter how original they may be, are often regarded as the unthinking offspring of the upper crust, with opinions borrowed from their tycoon fathers. There is little glory for the young reactionary, while his brother "red" may easily bask in the public gaze merely by staging a demonstration.

That all conservative undergraduate opinion is not necessarily unoriginal or dull seems amply proven by the recently published platform of the "Young Conservatives." Any organization which states: "We favor depriving all persons on relief of the right to vote until they again become self-supporting" is cooking food for thought and discussion. We may not agree with all their fifteen suggestions for better government; but if they can begin a virulent argument with such an organization as the Student Union, may the battle rage with long and sensible fury!

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