Frederick Jerome Is on Danger List At Massachusetts General--Manker's Condition Reported Fair

Frederick W. Jerome '38 and Morris G. Manker '38, who suffered fractured skulls when the car which Manker was driving crashed into a repair truck on Massachusetts Avenue near Cambridge Common early yesterday morning, have been under treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital through the night. Jerome has been on the danger list since three o'clock yesterday afternoon. Manker's condition is reported as fair.

Miss Eleanor N. Devine, of Brockton, waitress in Lowell House, died as a result of the accident, while the other occupant of the car, Miss Ann Bailow, of Brighton, also a Lowell House waitress, suffered head injuries.

Jerome was removed from the Cambridge Hospital yesterday afternoon when his condition became critical. Manker, regarded as not seriously injured, was taken to Stillman Infirmary and not regarded as in danger. Last night, however, cerebral bleeding was discovered and Dr. Michael E. Murray of the Stillman staff took him to the Boston Hospital.

The car which Manker was driving was a coupe. It struck the repair truck on the side. The crash threw William M. McDonald, of Jamica Plain, repairman who was working on the tower, into a pot of hot lead. He received severe burns.

Jerome was substitute fullback on the Varsity football team last fall. He is 23 years old, and his home is on West Cedar Street, Boston. Manker is 22 years old and is a member of Adams House. A prominent man in House sports, he played on the Gold coast basketball, squash, and tennis teams.