Annual Custom Started Last Year When Samuel Eliot Morison Was Honored For Tercentenary History

Recipient of the Signet Society medal for achievement in the arts, awarded at the Society's annual dinner on Saturday, was Van Wyck Brooks '08.

With the citation, "Van Wyck Brooks: Vigorous author, evocative critic of the America of Mark Twain, Henry James, and Ralph Waldo Emerson; examiner of New England roots and exhibitor of her finest flowers," the second of these annual awards was made.

Brooks is generally acknowledged one of America's leading literary critics. His most important critical contribution is "The Flowering of New England (1815-1865)" published in 1936.

This annual award to an alumnus of the Signet Socity who has made notable achievement in the arts was started last year when Nathaniel Choate '22 was asked to design the medal to be presented for the first time at last year's dinner. The resulting medal, two and three quarters inches in diameter, with the club membership medal design on one side and a shield bearing the name of the recipient on the other, is embossed in silver.

Last year's award went to Samuel Eliot Morison '08, professor of History for his work as Tercentenary Historian to the University.