Malcolm, Illman, Lewis, Fox, Babcock Win House Mat Tilts

175-Pounders Babcock and Ferris Turn in Best Bout During Playoffs

Final matches in the inter-House wrestling contests finished yesterday for all classes above the 145-pound listing. In the 175 and 165-pound divisions, semi-finals preceded the others.

Winner of the first 175-pound bout was Edward S. Babcox, Jr. '40 (Leverett) who successfully knocked William H. Sleeper '39 (Kirkland) out of his berth. The other 175-pound preliminary victory went to Benjamin G. Ferris, Jr. '40 of Winthrop, a candidate for the Varsity, who put Stephen V. N. Powelson '38, a Rabbit and formerly a CRIMSON editor, out of the running.

George F. Fox, 3rd ocC. of Eliot foxed Frank B. Snyder '38, a Bellboy, in the first 165-pound semi-final tilt, and Ralph B. Murphy '40, another Bellboy, cut out Graham B. Blaine '40, of the Elephants in the other. The 165-pound final bout went to George Fox as he routed the other survivor of the preliminaries, Ralph Murphy.

145 Match Short

Following these came the short 145-pound match in which David D. Malcolm '38 of the Deacons quickly over-came John Keppel '40 of the Elephants with a time of only 1:55.


Last year's Freshman captain, Peter E. Illman '40 of Adams grappled his way to a victory over Kirkland's Gray '40 in the 155-pound division.

175's Best Match

Best match of the day was the hot 175-pound tussle out of which Ed Babcox emerged victor over Ben Ferris to give the Rabbits their only win in the finals.

Last came the fast heavyweight battle which Richard E. Lewis '40 of Lowell carried away from John P. Armstrong '40, only Funster to reach the final rounds. Lewis wrestled 175-pound on last year's Freshman team climaxing his season with a draw match with Thomas Lacey, Jr., now captain of the Freshmen but then on the Exeter team.