Kentucky Starlet Now Movie Moonshining

An organization very much in the market for bright shiny cinema starlets is Darryl F. Zanuck's 20th Century-Fox. Having found Marjorie Weaver of the University of Kentucky campus, this company is now dipping into its coffers to get you and me to know her better. The alumnae of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Kentucky already know her well.

It is one of those stories. A fan magazine was offering a dance scholarship to the prettiest face in the country. Judy Parks, her Kappa roommate, sent in Marjorie's picture. That was practically all there was to it. Zanuck's boys were around soon after winner Miss Weaver arrived in New York to claim the prize. So you'll see her dancing in Sally, Irene, and Mary, Marjorie playing "Mary," Fred Allen doing the comedy.

In case they haven't yet come your way, look hard for Marjorie in This Is My Affair and Life Begins at College. It won't be hard to find her in Tyrone Power's arms as they play "Second Honeymoon." Judy Parks, who sent that picture from the Kappa house, is Marjorie's stand-in and roommate in Hollywood.

And just to make you believe more in her Kentucky loyalty, she's shown below reading her alma mater's newest picture bulletin while resting between takes on Kentucky Moonshine.