Exhibit of Soviet Architecture and City Planning at Robinson Hall

A major exhibition of architecture and city construction in the Soviet Union will be held in Robinson Hall from Monday, March 21, through April 2.

This exhibition, which has been organized by the American Russian Institute, comprises about one hundred photographs, maps, and drawings illustrating not only the development of recent architectures throughout the Soviet Union, but also the progress which has been made in the planning of cities.

Complete plans of the reconstruction of Moscow are included, with dramatic illustrations of the new streets, water ways, parks, new typical block plans for housing, the new subway and subway stations, and the new Moscow River embankment. Housing developments in several cities are also illustrated and the plans of construction in many other cities, including the agricultural cities of Zernograd and Kirovsk.

Of great interest to the architect are the illustrations of recent Soviet architectures; both constructivism and formalism are illustrated and there are some examples of buildings in the revived classical tradition, characteristic of recent government architecture.