Chandler Hovey, Edward Hutton, and James Rousmaniere to Continue in Office Temporarily

With over 60 Undergraduates present, the first meeting of the new Harvard Yacht Club was held in Adams House last night, at which a constitution was adopted and plans for this Spring discussed.

Temporarily continued in office were the officers of the old, unofficial group, with Chandler Hovey, Jr. '39 as Commodore, Edward B. Hutton '39 as Vice-Commodore and James A. Rousmaniere '40 Secretary-Treasurer.

Initiation fees were set and plans made for a financial campaign among the Undergraduates, with plans for the purchase of dinghies following Spring Vacation. A committee to investigate the dinghy situation was named, including the three officers and Harris S. Squibb '40 and John Richards '40.

It was decided to sail the boats in the Basin, from a base at the Union Boat Club, and that Freshmen and Graduate Students are eligible for membership. Those attending the meeting included:

N. H. Batchelder, Jr. '39, P. L. Lowe '39, A. W. Page, Jr. '39, A. R. Meyer '40, J. R. Richards '40, R. B. Seidman '41, A. V. Haskell '40, G. Clark '41, W. J. Underwood '41, C. Foote '39.


C. E. Forbes '39, C. D. Stevens '40, C. N. Pollak '40, A. D. Chandler, Jr. '40, R. C. Seamans, Jr. '40, G. D. Pagan '40, W. Williams, Jr. '39, H. R. Hayes, Jr. '40.

J. H. Jackson '39, S. H. Squibb '40 J. Mattison, Jr. '39, H. Mck. Jones, Jr. '40, H. S. Hough '38, S. Pardee, Jr. '39. J. F. Meigis, Jr. '39, R. F. Loomis '39, H. L. Barett, Jr. '39, C. Galass '39 J. H. Cunningham, Jr. '39, F. R. King '39, J. H. Dillingham '40.

C. Hovey, Jr. '39, H. Loomis '41, E. H. Nickerson '41 J. A. Rousmaniere '40, E. B. Hutton '39, R. Wilcox '41 F. N. Cunningham '41.