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English Average 200 Pounds in Forward Wall, 180 Pounds in Backfield; Game On Soldiers Field


Cambridge University's heavy rugby team will clash with the Crimson team Saturday on Soldiers Field. The University's team has six football players in the lineup, while the Britons are all experienced rugby players.

Averaging 200 pounds in the forward lines, and 180 pounds in the backfield, the Cambridge team presents a formidable front to the comparatively light Crimson forward wall. However, Harvard's backfield is strong, bolstered by Pepper Constable, former Captain of the Princeton Varsity.

Joe Kennedy on Team

Other football players that will join the ranks of the University team are Joe Kennedy '38, end on the Harvard squad last fall, Bill Watt '37, former Crimson fullback, Bob Downes '38, Varsity guard last fall, Peter Knapp '37, former Jayvee football captain, and Mike Cohen '39, fullback last fall.

Filling other positions are Captain Ed Whitney '38, George Clowes '37, Austin Scott '37, president of the rugby squad, Adrian Fisher '27, Tom Gephart, a former Princeton player, and Henry Miller '35, and Gavin Hadden '38 in the fullback position.

No Interference

The ruggers will battle over a ball slightly larger than the American football, tackling, lateral passing, and kicking the ball at will, but according to the rules interference is not allowed. When one team has succeeded in carrying the ball across the goal line, it only counts as a try, registering three points, while a good goal kick accounts for two more.

The lighter Crimson team, which has been practicing for three weeks, is composed of experienced players who hope to overcome the weight advantage by speed and hard play.

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