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Continuing the plan which has been in effect for three years, the University will not check on attendances before and after the spring vacation in Junior and Senior courses, it was announced yesterday by Dean Hanford.

Probation will be the penalty paid by Freshmen and Sophomores who extend their vacations, unless they are on the Dean's List.

The Dean's statement follows:

"The same policy that was followed at Christmas regarding attendance before and after the recess will be used at the time of the April vacation, which begins on April 4th. Absences from the last class before and the first class after the April recess in courses taken primarily by Juniors and Seniors (that is, courses for which attendance reports are not regularly required during term time) will not be reported to the Dean.

"In the case of a Junior or Senior not on the Dean's List whose last class before or first class after the April recess is in a course in which attendance is regularly taken, absence will not mean immediate disciplinary action, but such absence will naturally be regarded as an indication of neglect of work if a student's record becomes unsatisfactory in any way. Freshmen, including both new and dropped Freshmen, and Sophomores who extend the April recess will ordinarily be subject to probation unless they are on the Dean's List. Attendance is regularly reported in most of the courses taken by '40 and '41 men.

"All upperclassmen on probation are required to register at the Dean's Office on the day of their last class meeting before the April recess and on the first day after the recess. Such students are also required to attend their last and first classes before and after the recess. A special letter has been sent to each man on probation.

"As has been previously explained, the whole plan of not reporting attendance in advanced courses which are taken primarily by Juniors and Seniors is being tried as an experiment. An especial appeal is made to undergraduates not to abuse the present system."

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