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Charlie Hutter and his team-mates will splash into action tonight as top-heavy favorites over a relatively weak Navy team. Swimming in the Indoor Athletic Building pool at 8:15 o'clock, the Crimson swimmers expect to roll up a big enough score against the Middles to keep Princeton on edge until next Saturday night, when the Tigers will try to break the Ulenmen's string of victories.

According to past performances of Navy swimmers this year, there will be little real competition for the Crimson. The dive tonight, though, will be another question. Midshipman Gibson, beaten only by Cranston, of Princeton, this year, and holder of the season's high point total of 117.03 for high-board, will surely furnish Rusty Greenhood a thrilling match.

Greenhood's Diving Variable

Rusty's diving so far has been variable, ranging from 104 points to the 125 points he took the New England diving championships with. He hasn't been diving high-board lately, so just how he may perform is a question that can't be settled until tonight.

Next to the dive, the swimmers from Annapolis will make their best showing in the 440 free-style. Either Norris or Holt has the stuff to make Frank Coleman push himself pretty hard to beat them. But Norris seems to be erratic this season. Bob Murphy will probably be Ulen's preference for No. 2 man in the quarter.

Breastroke Possibly Close

There is a good chance that the 200-yard breastroke will turn out to be close with Navy's Green competing against Fritz Berizzi. Green according to authoritative observers, has the power to break 2:30 for the eight laps. Berizzi, if he has a good day, can swim as much as two seconds lower than this time. But that's just another "if." Arthur, of the sailors, will make it a good race with Walker for second place. In order to keep Jim Munroe fresh for Princeton, Coach Ulen will swim Walker tonight.

Dana, Second Diver

Ulen also indicated that he would start George Dana in the dive. There won't be many other changes in the line-up, except that generally Ulen will try to save the energies of his top men for the Tiger's offense tomorrow evening.

Harley Stowell, who got off probation at midyears, has been digging out fine 100-free-style times recently and will bear watching as a No. 2 in the 100, the 220, or even the quarter. He's just getting back into form.

It is expected that Willy Kendall will coast to an easy furlong victory, as will Don Barker in the 50. Hutter shouldn't have to strain himself in the 100. However, just what the 400-yard free-style relay team will do remains the usual mystery. While the boys will probably be saving themselves for Princeton, they may, on the other hand, feel just like smashing out four breath-takingly fast 100's. Whether they do or not, the boys are certain than any phenomenal times they swim against Navy will impress the Tigers no end before Saturday's meet.

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