Charge of $16.50 Will Be Made for Passes Under Policy of Determining Position Desirability

In a drastic change of policy, the H.A.A. announced yesterday a different price classification for football tickets next fall along with a new policy of selling and pricing season tickets.

For the five major contests of the 1938 season, Cornell, Army, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Chicago, seats will be sold for $3.30, $2.20, $1.65, and $1.10. Last year all seats for the Army game were marked $3.30, while the other major games had $1.65 billets in addition to the $3.30 group.

Playing field seats for the Brown and Virginia games this year will be $2,20 with the entire stadium bowl selling at $1.10. As usual the charge for the Yale game at New Haven will be $3.85.

Season Tickets

The revision of prices was the result of a study of the desirability of locations in the stadium. Playing field and fairly high positions in the bowl will be classed at $3.30 for the big games with the less desirable seats selling for $2.20, $1.65, and $1.10.

With a definite location for the seven home games, season tickets will be sold at, $16.50 in the sections 27 through 30 and 8 and 9, while others will be marked at $11 and $8.25. Applications will be sent out this spring and non-Harvard men may apply for these season tickets at the H.A.A.