Desire Injection of Democratic Principles in the Selection of Class Officers

Claiming the single purpose of injecting "an element of democratic principles into the system of selection of officers at Harvard," an organization known as the "Committee for Electoral Reform" has entered the undergraduate political arena, it was revealed yesterday.

Immediate aim of the committee, according to a statement issued last night, is "the calling of a Senior Class convention to deal with all matters pertaining to the nomination and election of class officers not yet selected."

At present members of the committee include David E. Feller '38, John L. Foster '38, Gilbert Fraunhar '38, Jay W. Kaufman '38, William A. Kirstein '39, Richard M. Martin '38, Randall W. Richards '38, T. Ryden Skinner '38, George D. Straton '38, Louis Sutro '38, William N. Chambers '39, Charles B. Ellis '39, and Harold L. Stubbs '39.

Opening a drive to get the cooperation of all undergraduates "dissatisfied with an undemocratic system," the group will start today to petition seniors for the convention. Committees will be formed in all seven Houses and Dudley.

"The ultimate aim of the committee," reads the statement, "is a complete reform of the system from the Union Committee of the Freshman year on."