Recently Organized Group, Soon to Name Officers, Stresses Non-political Nature

To "foster scientific sociology" and to spread the understanding of it among students who don't know what it is, Sociology concentrators Wednesday night formed a Sociology Club.

Open to all men in the University, the new group stresses its completely non-political nature. Sociological matters, not social problems, are the interest of the club.

Planned for future meetings are speakers from the University and especially from the outside world. Talks by men of different opinions and debates among the members will be the occasion for discussions. Faculty members of the department have expressed interest in the group as a get-together opportunity, the founders say.

Elections at the meeting resulted in the choice of the following seven men: two each from the Graduate Schools, Junior, and Sophomore classes, and one Freshman, for the governing committee: Bernard Barber '39, Wendell Bash 3G, John B. Blair '39, Calvin H. Elliott '40, Lester H. Geist '41, Dudley Kirk 2G, Norman J. Richards '40. When the group next meets, two of these will be chosen as officers.