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The Moviegoer



Despite the fact that he went to the Harvard School of Business Accounting, warbler Dick Powell, who takes the part of the wealthy scion of the Ames family in "Colleen", does not realize that six and nine make 15 until Ruby Keeler, of the baby voice and muscular legs, reminds him of that fact. From this start a beautiful friendship grows until we find these two winsome lovers, Donald and Colleen, united after tremendous difficulties in the same clinch which so pleased old maids and unrequited lovers in "Forty-Second Street", "Annapolis Farewell", and "The Gold Diggers".

A romantic but thoroughly unconvincing plot deals principally with the efforts of young Donald to keep his scatterbrained uncle, ably portrayed by Hugh Herbert, from the toils of schemers throughout the rather long picture. Herbert, with his asinine laugh and waving hands, manages to get tangled up with Joan Blondell, chocolate dipper in one of the Ames' factories, and wishes to make her his adopted daughter. Moonfaced Jack Oakie steps in and further complicates the plot until the doughty Donald whips him soundly in a knock-em-down-and-drag-em-out battle which is conducted off-stage to the tune of breaking glass and falling objects to preserve the unities and Donald.

"The Boulavadier From the Bronx" and "An Evening With You' are the principal tunes which serve to make this just another musical offering from Hollywood. The former becomes quite an entertaining number when Joan Blondell, in an evening dress very appealing to the eye, and Oakie, resplendent in rented tails, attempt a dance routine.

The second feature of the program, "Sutter's Gold", is a heart-rending drama in which Edward Arnold plays the hardy Swiss immigrant to California. He wrests an empire out of the soil only to see it go tumbling when gold is discovered. Lee Tracy, as Sutter's parasite, and Binnie Barnes, a lovely Russian gold-digger, are other players who are important in this picture which should rend somebody's heart but somehow failed to touch ours.

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