Sweepers Prepare for Old Age Curlers


Rejecting the Harvard Engineering Society's proposition that they substitute Sears Roebuck (advt.) vacuum cleaners for the traditional brooms, the Crimson curlers under the leadership of Caspar W. Berger are embarking on a series of strenuous secret practice sessions in an unused wing of Widener in preparation for Saturday, when they cross brooms with a veteran Kendal Home for the aged aggregation.

Coaching the Harvard bristel-men is Elmina McSweepstraw, veteran biddy who has swept an unidentified entry in Lowell for seven years without removing any dirt.

Captain Berger yesterday publicly denied a charge that the broomsters have been training on milkshakes and emince of beef. "I can take it or leave it," he said. "But I very seldom leave it."

Kendall Balkins, manager of the team, said yesterday that a new consignment of curling irons is expected from Bryn Mawr this afternoon.

Little is known of the Kendall outfit, except that they defeated a Manter Hall team by a large and unidentified score. "They say they're more used to a shovel than a broom," an interpreter for the Widow's octette, who speak no English, said at the close of the encounter.