The Crime


It was a good hour exam, as hour exams go, and as hour exams go, it went. At seven minutes past the hour, the proctors passed out the bluebooks, and at twenty past the hour they got around to passing out the examination itself.

Everyone wrote busily. Everyone was very happy and very busy--hundreds of pens and hundreds of brains busy. Ten minutes after the half hour, the proctor walked to the blackboard and, in a dramatic silence, wrote in large, sprawling figures. "11:30." Everyone applauded. Then everyone swore. Then everyone wrote again. Ten minutes later, the proctor announced that the exam was over. Everyone was very happy because they had had so much time to write down all they had learned in the past twenty weeks. Only thirty-five essay questions too.

Going out the door, a Group I man said: "It was a snap." And everyone went home happy.

Today the Crime will wend his weary way to University Hall at ten to sit nervously enthralled while Dean Fraud delivers . . . .


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